Tunisia-Jordan: fighting Cybercrime a top priority for Criminal Justice Practitioners

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03rd April 2018 - Tunisia

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC) has been supporting the Tunisian Government in building its capacities against cybercrime, including the equipment of a specific cybercrime classroom at the National Police Training Academy of Salammbô, Carthage.

Making good use of these new facilities, UNODC now hosted its first joint training on international cooperation in the prevention and prosecution of cybercrime on 3-7 April 2018, for ten officers from the Ministry of Interior from Jordan and fourteen Officers from the National Guard and National Police from Tunisia.

The training aimed at strengthening the capacities of the Jordanian and Tunisian law enforcement and judicial authorities to prevent and counter cybercrime. UNODC tailored its training programme to better address the needs of practitioners from Jordan and Tunisia.

The training focused on presenting mechanisms and tools of international cooperation through concrete case-studies which gave the opportunity to the trainees to practice on various technical subjects of cybercrime investigations. Those case studies included cryptocurrency investigation and the use of cryptocurrencies for criminal purposes; the procedures and accuracy of standardization regarding digital forensics; phishing and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) investigations.

UNODC, through its Regional Programme for the Arab States (2016-2021), is committed to support law enforcement and justice authorities to better tackle transnational organized crime, including cybercrime. As UNODC intends to continue supporting international cooperation initiatives throughout the Middle East and North Africa, project officers who would like to explore potential joint training activities should contact Mr. Patrick Boismenu at the following email address: patrick.boismenu@un.org 

The training has been generously supported by the United States International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau (US/INL) and the Government of Norway.