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  Wildlife, Forest and Fisheries Crime


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Each year, while countless species are driven closer to extinction, criminals make billions from the sale of protected wildlife and forest products. Not only do these crimes have a devastating impact on biodiversity, they also undermine national and regional political and economic security, weaken the rule of law, and threaten global efforts to responsibly and sustainably manage natural resources in the service of development for all. As with other areas of transnational organized crime, wildlife, forest and fisheries crimes are rooted in opportunities for profit.

Who is involved in these crimes? Where are they happening? How big are the flows? What is being  done to stop them? What can  be done to stop them?

The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative is developing, with the support of academics from around the world, a series of University Modules on Wildlife, Forest and Fisheries Crime to support lecturers with an interest in this area. The modules cover many aspects of these complex crimes. They apply a multidisciplinary approach and use innovative and practical teaching techniques meant to inspire and encourage students to engage in this important topic.

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The modules will become available online by mid 2019.