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This section offers the different options to search our evaluation report databases. The primary focus is on UNODC independent evaluation reports - including programmatic In-Depth as well as project-level Independent Project Evaluations.


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In-depth thematic cluster evaluation of Law Enforcement and Border Control in Central Asia (Sub-programme XAC/Z60 and projects TAJ/E24, TAJ/H03, RER/H22, and XAC/K22)

Evaluation report

Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

Cluster evaluation of five global research projects of the Research and Trend Analysis Branch (GLOU34, GLOX64, GLOV44, GLOV20 and MEXX35)

Evaluation Report

Evaluation Brief (2 page summary)

Independent Project Evaluations

XCA/X75: Apoyo al A.B.1 Coordinación Interinstitucional y Regional para la seguridad fronteriza en Centroamérica

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary); Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

EGY/Z33: Improving the Criminal Justice Response to Violence against Women in Egypt

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

MEX/Z93: Fortalecimiento para la Seguridad de Grupos Vulnerables

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

GLO/Z99-segment: Asia-Pacific Joint Action Towards a Global Regime Against Corruption (2016-2020)

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

PSE/X02: Forensic Human Resource and Governance Development Assistance for the Palestinian Authority

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

XLA/Y08: Support to Demand Reduction of Drugs in Andean Countries - PREDEM

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary) 

XAW/Z28: Support to ECOWAS Regional Action Plan on illicit drug trafficking, organized crime related to it and drug abuse in West Africa

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

GLO/T63: Support to crime prevention and criminal justice reform

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)