Comprehensive Self-Assessment Checklist on the Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

The UNCAC self-assessment checklist is an innovative approach to gather information on the implementation of the Convention. Rather than using paper-based questionnaires, UNODC has developed a user-friendly computer-based application to assess compliance with the Convention.

This application has empowered UNODC to make more effective use of information provided by States parties and signatories. Taking advantage of statistical functions, the Conference of the States Parties is now receiving detailed information on compliance rate and technical assistance needs against selected articles of the Convention.

Download the application

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User Guide
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Question Flow (PDF file)


For further information or assistance, please contact:

Ms. Elsa GOPALA KRISHNAN (Send Email)

Corruption and Economic Crime Branch

Division for Treaty Affairs

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Tel: +43 1 26060 4382




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