Wildlife and forest crime demands a global solution that offers international cooperation founded on joint operations, intelligence sharing and strong and compatible national legislations. We can do nothing less. This is our shared planet; wildlife and forest crime is our shared responsibility.

Yury Fedotov at the "Wildlife and Forest Crime - A transnational Organized Crime" 22 nd CCPCJ, April 2013


"Wildlife and forest" refers to all fauna and flora, including animals, birds and fish, as well as timber and non-timber forest products. "Wildlife and forest crime" refers to the taking, trading (supplying, selling or trafficking), importing, exporting, processing, possessing ... more


A global response for wildlife and forest crime is necessary as illicit trafficking in wild fauna and flora is transnational, supplying consumption that often takes place thousands of kilometers from the source and, transits several countries ... more

International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime, ICCWC is the collaborative effort by five inter-governmental organizations working to bring coordinated support to the national wildlife law enforcement agencies and to the sub-regional and regional networks ... more   This section is designed to offer periodical updates on our work as well as wildlife and forest crime relevant issues. The primary focus is highlighted UNODC efforts for combating wildlife and forest crime through news, events and publications ... more