Economic and Social Council


805th Plenary Meeting
12 July 1954

1954/548(XVIII)K.Proposed single convention on narcotic drugs


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling that, by its resolution 246 D(IX) of 23 July 1949, it approved the decision to elaborate a new single convention to replace existing international instruments relating to the control of narcotic drugs,

Recalling that the Opium Protocol of 1953 is concerned only with limiting and regulating the cultivation of the poppy plant, the production of, international and wholesale trade in, and use of opium,

Considering that a single convention on narcotic drugs would greatly contribute to the suppression of illicit traffic and drug addiction,

Calls upon the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to give priority at its next session to the elaboration of a single convention.

805th plenary meeting,
12 July 1954.