Economic and Social Council


890th Plenary Meeting
3 August 1955

1955/588(XX)D.The problem of synthetic drugs



The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling that in its resolution 548 H(XVIII) the Council called upon all States which were not Parties to the Protocol of 19 November 1948 to become Parties in accordance with article 5 thereof,

Recalling further that in the same resolution it called the attention of all Governments to the necessity for strict control over the possession, manufacture, import and export of, trade in, and use of synthetic narcotics, and made further recommendations concerning the use and control of narcotic drugs,

Requests the Secretary-General to invite the Governments concerned to report on the steps taken in pursuance of this resolution. */


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered draft resolution IIIB in annex A of the report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (tenth session)87/ in which the Commission proposes that the Council should recommend Governments to prohibit the production and use of such synthetic drugs as they do not consider indispensable to public health,

Decides to take no action on this draft resolution pending consideration by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of the study now being prepared by the World Health Organization of the relative addictive properties and therapeutic advantages of synthetic narcotics and natural narcotics.

890th plenary meeting,
3 August 1955

87/ U>Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Twentieth Session, Supplement No. 8 (E/2768 and Corr.1).

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its draft resolution III(X) (E/2768/Rev.1 - E/CN.7/303/Rev.1), with a minor amendment.