Economic and Social Council


947th Plenary Meeting
2 August 1956

1956/626(XXII)E.Technical Assistance to Iran*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Considering that Iran is an important opium producing country and, in order to ensure the execution of the law banning cultivation of the opium poppy, requres increased technical assistance in enabling its cultivators to introduce other agricultural crops to replace opium poppy plantation and also in respect of the treatment of addicts,

Recognizing that the success of Iran in these fields cannot be accomplished without international co-operation,

Recognizing that technical assistance is a useful means of ensuring the execution of the recent Iranian law mentioned above,

Recalling its resolution 548 E(XVIII) of 12 July 1954 recommending that the technical assistance services of the United Nations and the specialized agencies give due consideration to any request which the countries concerned may make for assistance in developing their administrative or social measures,

Considering that the specialized agencies, particularly the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by virtue of their programmes of technical assistance, are able to render valuable services in these fields,

1. Expresses the hope that Iran will succeed in accomplishing the task which it has undertaken;

2. Recommends to the Government of Iran to submit to the technical assistance authorities concerned, in addition to any requests for technical assistance for other purposes, requests for such technical assistance as it may consider necessary to assist it in the successful and speedy achievement of the aims it has undertaken in banning the cultivation of the opium poppy;

3. Draws the attention of the technical assistance authorities of the United Nations and of the specialized agencies to the importance, in relation to the economic and social development of Iran, of the successful and speedy achievement of these aims, and to the particular importance in this connexion of the fulfilment of its programme in its early stages;

4. Invites these authorities to give due consideration to any requests, in addition to requests for technical assistance for other purposes, which the Government of Iran may make for technical assistance in accordance with paragraph 2 of this resolution;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to include in the report to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and to the Council to be furnished in accordance with paragraph 3 of resolution D, information as to the extent to which it has been possible to meet the requests of the Government of Iran for technical assistance.

947th plenary meeting,
2 August 1956

*/ Adopted instead of draft resolution II(XI) of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (E/2891 - E/CN.7/315, annex I).