Economic and Social Council


969th Plenary Meeting
29 April 1957

1957/646(XXIII).Procedure to be followed for the election of the membership of the Permanent Central Opium Board


The Economic and Social Council,

Noting that article 19 of the 1925 Convention on Narcotic Drugs and Council resolution 123D(VI) of 2 March 1948 outline qualifications and criteria for the eligibility of members of the Permanent Central Opium Board,

Considering that further nominations may still be submitted,

Decides to establish a committee of five to review the nominations and in-form the Council, at its twenty-fourth session, which candidates possess the necessary technical qualifications in the light of the criteria outlined in the Convention and in Council resolution 123 D(VI).

969th plenary meeting,
29 April 1957

At the 969th plenary meeting, on 29 April 1957, the Economic and Social Council decided that the following Member States would be represented on the committee established under the terms of the above resolution: Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan and Yugoslavia.