Economic and Social Council


995th Plenary Meeting
1 August 1957

1957/667(XXIV)E.Draft Single Convention on narcotic drugs


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered the report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs on its twelfth session concerning the progress made in codifying the international instruments on narcotic drugs, 51/

Recalling resolution 626 F(XXII) of 2 August 1956, in which it requested the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to devote the maximum time at its twelfth session to the completion of a draft single convention on narcotic drugs,

Commending the Commission on Narcotic Drugs for the progress made in this connexion,

1. Reiterates its desire to see the draft single convention completed in as short a time as possible;

2. Requests the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to give priority to this work;

3. Authorizes the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to sit for an additional week at its thirteenth session for this purpose.

995th plenary meeting,
1 August 1957

51/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Twenty-fourth Session, Supplement No. 10 (E/3010 and Add. 1), chap. XII.