Economic and Social Council


995th Plenary Meeting
1 August 1957

1957/667(XXIV)G.Technical assistance to Iran


The Economic and Social Council,

Considering that, in its resolution 626 E(XXII) of 2 August 1956 concerning technical assistance to Iran, it affirmed that "Iran is an important opium-producing country and, in order to ensure the execution of the law banning cultivation of the opium poppy, requires increased technical assistance in enabling its cultivators to introduce other agricultural crops to replace opium poppy plantation and also in respect of the treatment of addicts",

Recalling that at its twelfth session the Commission on Narcotic Drugs expressed its appreciation of the considerable progress that had been made in Iran in this regard,54/

Further considering the importance of the subject and the need for the continuance of technical assistance to Iran by the United Nations and its specialized agencies,

1. Requests the Technical Assistance Board and the participating organizations concerned to continue to give due consideration to requests by the Government of Iran for technical assistance in this field;

2. Requests further that the Secretary-General, after consultation with the participating organizations concerned, report to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and to the Council on the extent to which it has been possible to meet the request of Iran for technical assistance in this regard.

995th plenary meeting,
1 August 1957

54/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Twenty-fourth Session, Supplement No. 10 (E/3010 and Add. 1), chap. XII, para. 423.