Economic and Social Council


1042nd Plenary Meeting
28 July 1958

1958/689(XXVI)I.Middle East Narcotics Survey Mission*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Having regard to the volume of the illicit traffic in narcotics (in particular, opium, cannabis and their narcotic derivatives), as shown in the reports transmitted by Governments in the Middle East, and to the emergence of serious problems regarding such illicit traffic.

Considering that the situation calls for increased effectiveness of measures to combat the illicit traffic, and particularly for improved co-operation among the Governments of the countries concerned in the region and their enforcement authorities,

Believing that further examination of the problems involved and of practicable means of solving them is required,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to appoint a mission of not more than five members, chosen for their knowledge of the type of problems concerned and of enforcement work, to serve as individual experts, to provide the secretariat and to make administrative arrangements for the work of the mission;

2. Requests and authorizes the mission, acting as such, in consultation with and with the consent of the Governments concerned, to examine and consider the problems involved, and in particular;

(a) To inform itself of the situation, by information transmitted by Governments and by the Secretariat, by discussion with representatives of the Governments concerned, and by visits to countries in the region where major problems exist in this field;

(b) To discuss with the Governments their views and suggestions regarding the improvement of the situation;

(c) Having regard to the need for preserving the confidential character of certain kinds of information in this field, to make communications for the consideration of individual Governments, or of groups of Governments, which would be kept confidential as between the mission and the Government or Governments concerned;

(d) Subject to the preceding paragraph, to make a report, to be transmitted to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, on such general matters and suggestions within this field as the mission may consider desirable,

(e) To make, to those Governments that may request it, suggestions on the ways, within the framework of present technical assistance programmes and such modifications as the Council may make in them, in which technical assistance may be used to increase the effectiveness of measures against the illicit traffic and, if the mission considers it desirable, to report to the Commission on this subject.

1042nd plenary meeting,
28 July 1958

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its draft resolution VII(XIII) (E/3133-E/CN.7/354).