Economic and Social Council


1129th Plenary Meeting
25 July 1960

1960/770(XXX)C.Middle East Narcotics Survey Mission*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered paragraphs 54 to 65 of the report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs37/ dealing with the report of the Middle East Narcotics Survey Mission38/ authorized by resolution 689 I(XXVI) of 28 July 1958,

Noting that the report of the Mission has been communicated to the Governments in the region and that the Mission also made individual communications to them in certain cases, in accordance with paragraph 2(c) of the resolution referred to above,

1. Thanks the members of the Mission for their excellent work and for their helpful report;

2. Draws the attention of the Governments concerned to, and invites their consideration of, the specific recommendations contained in the report;

3. Invites the Governments of countries in the region that have not already done so to ratify the existing international narcotics treaties;

4. Repeats its own conviction that strong, positive and well-enforced national measures are the basis of good regional and international control;

5. Draws attention once more to the obligations of Governments under the international narcotics conventions, particularly as to:

(a) The timely submission of annual reports, national laws and regulations, current seizure reports, estimates and statistics, and other information to the international bodies;

(b) Co-operation with each other in the suppression of the illicit traffic;

(c) The provision of effective penalties for offences concerned with narcotics trafficking;

6. Draws the attention of Governments of countries in the region to the facilities available for technical assistance in the field of narcotics control, under the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance and the regular programmes of the United Nations and the specialized agencies, including, as regards the United Nations, those of General Assembly resolution 1395(XIV) of 20 November 1959, and, in particular, to the suggestions made by the Mission for a periodical visit of a small group of experts to consult with Governments in the region with common or interlocking problems, it being understood that such visits be made in agreement with the Governments concerned and be organized in co-operation with them, and that, if the Governments making the applications for technical assistance so request, any such mission should study and give consideration to possible gaps in national laws and regulations;

7. Again draws the attention of Governments concerned to the operational facilities for fighting the illicit traffic provided by the International Criminal Police Organization;

8. Requests the Secretary-General, in consultation with the International Criminal Police Organization and other organizations concerned, to study and to take such steps as are feasible within the provisions of the international conventions concerned to simplify the reporting of cases of illicit traffic.

1129th plenary meeting,
25 July 1960

37/ Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Thirtieth Session, Supplement No. 9 (E/3385).

38/ E/CN.7/382

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 1(XV) (E/3385-E/CN.7/395, para. 63 and chap. XIV draft resolution B), with minor amendments.