Economic and Social Council


1236th Plenary Meeting
3 August 1962

1962/914(XXXIV)E.Technical Co-operation in Narcotics Control: Regional Co-ordination in Latin America*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Having been informed of the meeting of the Inter-American Consultative Group on Narcotics Control at Rio de Janeiro from 27 November to 7 December 1961,

Noting that resolutions54/ were adopted unanimously by the participants in the group from fifteen American States, containing recommendations directed towards the promotion of such a regional co-operation,

Noting in particular the recommendation for the stationing of an officer of the Secretariat in the region to facilitate such co-operation,

1. Expresses its thanks to the Government of Brazil for its initiative in calling the Inter-American Consultative Group and also for its generous material assistance to that conference:

2. Considers it desirable that, with a view to facilitating regional co-operation in the field of narcotics control in Latin America, an officer of the Secretariat should be stationed, on an experimental basis, for an initial period of two years, in this part of the world, and that the matter should be further reviewed at the end of this period.**/

1236th plenary meeting,
3 August 1962.

54/ E/CN.7/422, annex B.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 7 (XVII) (E/3648-E/CN.7/432, para. 285 and chap. XVI draft resolution E), with considerable amendments of the preambules and the one indicated in footnote **/.

**/ This experimental clause had not been recommended by the Commission.