Economic and Social Council


1520th Plenary Meeting
23 May 1968

1968/1291(XLIV).The abuse of cannabis and the continuing need for strict control*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling that the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 196126/ obliges Parties to place cannabis under strict controls to prevent its abuse,

Considering that the problem of the traffic in and abuse of cannabis remains serious in many areas where it has long been encountered,

Observing that the traffic in and abuse of cannabis appears to be spreading to areas where it has not heretofore been encountered,

Noting that considerable publicity has been given to unauthoritative statements minimizing the harmful effects of cannabis and advocating that its use be permitted for non-medical purposes,

Recognizing that cannabis is known, inter alia, to distort perception of time and space, modify mood and impair judgement, which may result in unpredictable behaviour, violence and adverse effects on health, and that it may be associated with the abuse of other drugs such as LSD, stimulants and heroin,

Convinced that inefficient controls over, apathy towards and lack of public awareness of the dangers of cannabis and its continued abuse contribute to drug dependence, create law enforcement problems, and injure national health, safety and welfare,

1. Recommends that all countries concerned increase their efforts to eradicate the abuse of and illicit traffic in cannabis;

2. Further recommends that Governments should promote research and advance additional medical and sociological information regarding cannabis, and effectively deal with publicity which advocates legalization or tolerance of the non-medical use of cannabis as a harmless drug.

1520th plenary meeting,
23 May 1968

26/ United Nations publication, Sales No.: 62.XI.1

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 3(XXII) (E/4455-E/CN.7/512, para. 264 and chap. X draft resolution C), with minor amendments.