Economic and Social Council


1600th Plenary Meeting
5 June 1969

1969/1399(XLVI).Need for the adoption of urgent measures for ratification of or accession to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolutions 833 B (XXXII) of 3 August 1961 and 914 C (XXXIV) of 3 August 1962 as well as General Assembly resolution 1774 (XVII) of 7 December 1962,

Considering that effective measures against abuse of narcotic drugs require co-ordinated and universal action,

Recognizing the importance of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 19615/ in limiting narcotic drugs to medical and scientific use and in promoting international co-operation and control for the achievement of such aims and objectives,

Taking note with satisfaction that, as of 12 May 1969, seventy States had ratified or acceded to the 1961 Convention,

Desiring to accelerate the unification and improvement of the existing system of treaty control of narcotic drugs in accordance with the purposes and principles of the 1961 Convention,

Urges Governments not yet Parties to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, to take such steps as may be necessary for ratification of, or accession to, this Convention.

1600th plenary meeting,
5 June 1969

5/ United Nations publication, Sales No.: 62.XI.1

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 1 (XXIII) (E/4606/Rev.1-E/CN.7/523/Rev.2, para. 31 and chap. XI, draft resolution B), after bringing up to date preambula para. 4.