Economic and Social Council


1896th Plenary Meeting
15 May 1974

1974/1845(LVI).Co-operation for drug law enforcement in the Far East region*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolution 1780(LIV) of 18 May 1973, by which it established an Ad Hoc Committee for the Far East Region,

Noting with satisfaction the report of the Ad Hoc Committee6/ and the recommendations7/ made therein,

1. Endorses the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Far East Region and commends them to the Governments concerned and to the Secretary-General with a view to their appropriate implementation;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to convene regular meetings of the operational heads of the national narcotic law enforcement agencies of the countries of the region,8/ taking into account the arrangements proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee and contained in its recommendation (iv);

3. Recommends that the expense of the aforementioned regional meetings and travel expenses and subsistence of one participant from each country in the region should be borne by the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control;

4. Decides that these meetings should be held in the capital of one of the countries of the region which is close to the centre of the trafficking routes, or by rotation in capitals which are relatively central;

5. Invites the International Narcotics Control Board to participate as an observer in these regional meetings;

6. Authorizes the Secretary-General to invite as participants observers from the International Criminal Police Organization, the Customs Co-operation Council and other competent international organizations, such observers to participate at their own expense;

7. Invites the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee to report on these meetings, through the Secretary-General to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs;

8. Further invites the Secretary-General to report to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs periodically, and not less frequently than biennially, on any significant developments in the illicit traffic situation in the region.

1896th plenary meeting,
15 May 1974

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*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 3(S-III) (E/5458-E/CN.7/565, para. 130 and chap. XIII draft resolution C), with minor amendments.