Economic and Social Council


1896th Plenary Meeting
15 May 1974

1974/1848(LVI).Periodicity of the sessions of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Noting with concern that the problem of drug abuse remains serious,

Recognizing that these circumstances require continuing vigilance by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs,

1. Decides that, for the present, the principle of biennial sessions of functional commissions and the need for more frequent meetings of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs can both be recognized by convening special sessions of the Commission as necessary;

2. Further decides that the Commission should consider,**/ at its regular session scheduled for 1975, whether to meet in special session for two weeks in 1976;***/

3. Suggests that, whenever it is decided to hold a special session, the possibility of reducing the following regular session to two weeks instead of the three weeks originally provided for should be examined and decided on by the Commission.

1896th plenary meeting,
15 May 1974.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 6(S-III) (E/5458-E/CN.7/565, para. 381 and chap. XIII draft resolution F), with, however, the substantial amendments indicated in footnotes **/ and ***/, as well as some minor ones.

**/ The Commission's recommendation had suggested a final decision on this matter by the Council.

***/ In two additional paragraphs the Commission recommended that the special session in 1976 be convened at a time when it would not overlap with other meetings; it also recommended that the special session should consider the necessity of another special session in 1978.