Regular and intersessional meetings of the Commission

The Commission holds annual sessions for the duration of one week in the first half of the year, as well as one-day reconvened sessions at the end of each year to consider administrative and budgetary matters. The Commission has a maximum number of ten working days for its session, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 46/152. In order to examine draft decisions, draft resolutions and specific technical issues, a Committee of the Whole is convened concurrently with the annual session of the Commission.

Inter-sessional meetings of the Commission are convened to finalize the provisional agenda of the Commission; to address organizational and substantive matters; and to provide continuous and effective policy guidance.

Thematic discussion 

The Commission does not hold a general debate, but a thematic discussion on a priority issue identified at its previous sessions. The prominent themes for the forthcoming sessions of the Commission have been decided by the Economic and Social Council in advance (decision 2010/243):

  • 21st session: "Violence against migrants, migrant workers and their families"
  • 22nd session: "The challenge posed by emerging forms of crime that have a significant impact on the environment and ways to deal with it effectively"
  • 23rd session: "International cooperation in criminal matters" 
  • 24th session: "Follow-up to the Thirteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and
    Criminal Justice"
  • 25th session: "Criminal justice responses to prevent and counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including the financing of terrorism, and technical assistance in support of the implementation of relevant international conventions and protocols"
  • 26th session: "Comprehensive and integrated crime prevention strategies: public participation, social policies and education in support of the rule of law"