Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention

Thematic Compilation of Prevention-related Information


Article 9: Management of Public Finances

This page provides a thematic compilation of information relating to the management of public finances produced in the context of the meetings of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention. The information provided below is drawn from official reports produced by the Secretariat of the Working Group, submissions from States parties to the Secretariat ahead of meetings of the Working Group and presentations given during each meeting. Additional information relevant to the thematic topic drawn from other UNODC projects and resources are also provided.


Reports by the SecretariatENFRESRUARCH
CAC/COSP/WG.4/2010/2 Good practices in the prevention of corruption and regulation models in the public sector (Chapter II)


Information provided by States parties
Compilation of information provided by all State Parties


Other relevant material: