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UNODC collects data on crime and the operation of criminal justice systems in order to make policy-relevant information and analysis available in a timely manner to the international community.

UNODC works on the development of standards for national crime and criminal justice information systems and for the conduct of victimization surveys. The office also aims to enhance the cross-national comparability of data through the development of key indicators and data reporting tools.

Periodic reports on selected crime issues provide in-depth analysis on key topics of concern at the global and regional level.


Statistics on crime (data uploaded on 12 October 2018) 

[Homicide, assaults, sexual violence, robbery, kidnapping
Theft, motor vehicle theft, burglary]

Statistics on criminal justice (data uploaded on 12 October 2018)

[Persons brought into formal contact with the police, persons prosecuted, persons convicted. persons detained. criminal justice system resources]

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Special data collections

Data and Metadata from Crime Victimization Surveys (2004-2014)

Special Data Collections on Persons held in Prisons (2010-2014)

Administration of Justice (2011-2013)

Statistics on Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance (2010-2012)

Special Data Collection on Persons held in Prisons (2010-2012)

Environmental Crime (2006-2011)

Historic data

Crime and Criminal Justice (1970 -2002)

Drug-related crime (2003-2008)


International classification of crimes for statistical purposes (ICCS)

United Nations Survey of Crime Trends
and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems

Standards for criminal justice statistics systems
(Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish)

Study on international and EU standards on crime statistics

Manual on victimization surveys
, Spanish, Russian )

Juvenile Justice indicators (French, Spanish)


Monitoring the impact of economic crisis on crime

Global Study on Homicide 2013

Global Study on Homicide 2011

International statistics on crime and justice (2010)

Reports on world crime trends


Justice and home affairs statistics systems in the Western Balkans
Data for Africa