UNODC CRIMJUST met with the representatives of the Brazilian government to enhance security and peace.

26 July 2017 - CRIMJUST met with representatives of the Brazilian government to assist in the national efforts to reform the Brazilian law enforcement models.

UNODCIn order to support the Governments of Brazil in its efforts to implement effective policies and reform the Brazilian law enforcement models, UNODC Experts on law enforcement and criminal justice met with representatives of the Brazilian Congress and Brazil's Permanent Mission in Vienna.

During the meeting UNODC reiterated the availability to provide assistance to Brazil and support the sharing of best practices and models related to law enforcement reforms.

The UNODC experts emphasized the importance of developing and implementing policing models in accordance with local traditions and institutional integrity. Hereby, the main recommendations made  by UNODC were based on three pillars: promotion of transparency and external monitoring of law enforcement institutions, improvement of working conditions of law enforcement officers, and strengthen of civil society's trust to the police credibility. 


Under the framework of the CRIMJUST project funded by European Union  Cocaine Route Programme, UNODC and its partners (INTERPOL and TI) aim to assist Member States to enhance their capacity and integrity of criminal justice institutions to detect, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate illicit cocaine trafficking cases, and to foster cooperation at the interregional level for effective action to tackle drug trafficking and related organized crime.

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