Capacity building for Moroccan judges and prosecutors to help combat human trafficking 

On April 19-21, in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Justice, UNODC held a workshop on combatting trafficking in persons for judges and prosecutors in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Implemented under the Global Programme against Trafficking in Persons and funded by the Government of the United States of America, the workshop was designed to support anti-trafficking efforts by the Moroccan Government, specifically the Ministry of Justice. To this end, it aimed to build the capacities of judges and prosecutors in investigating, prosecuting, and adjudicating trafficking offences.

It was attended by nineteen judges, nine prosecutors, and three Ministry of Justice officials. Delivering the sessions were UNODC experts as well as expert prosecutors from Belgium, Egypt and Oman, alongside two Moroccan experts from the Ministry of Justice, previously trained on anti-trafficking by UNODC.

Topics addressed included the international legal framework and the Moroccan draft anti-trafficking law, indicators of trafficking in persons, the psychological reactions of victims, the protection and assistance needs of victims of trafficking, and international cooperation in trafficking in persons cases. The expert contributions focused on practical cases, allowing for interactive sessions, and drew out the importance of protection and assistance for victims of trafficking. The workshop also offered the opportunity for participants to have, with the international experts, a detailed discussion on the draft anti-trafficking legislation.

The format and content of the workshop were very well received by participants and similar capacity-building activities targeting judges and prosecutors in other major cities of Morocco are envisaged.    

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