Prosecuting trafficking in persons and protecting victims in Algeria

Implemented under the Global Programme against Trafficking in Persons, from May 9 - 12 2016 in Algiers, Algeria, UNODC provided advanced training on investigating and prosecuting trafficking in persons and protecting victims. The workshop built on the basic training workshops previously held by UNODC in Algiers.

Participants included 12 representatives from the various entities and departments which make up the National Committee against Trafficking in Persons and 23 law enforcement officers drawn from mid- and high rank positions in units of the Gendarmerie and the Directorate General of National Security, including those who operate in border areas.

As well as UNODC experts, a Belgian, a French, a Jordanian, and an Egyptian expert also participated in the workshop to offer particular perspectives on the issues in question. The training sessions were structured around real cases on which experts had previously worked, which allowed for participants to discuss and exchange views on particularly important and challenging issues. Other sessions covered - but were not limited to - the international legal framework, victim needs in criminal proceedings, and  the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation in human trafficking cases.

The workshop was successful and achieved high participation rates, while also offering the opportunity for further cooperation on anti-human trafficking activities between UNODC and the Algerian government.

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