Training Law Enforcement Officers to Fight Migrant Smuggling in Morocco

Organized by UNODC under the Global Programme Against the Smuggling of Migrants, also acting as a part of UNODC's Strategy for addressing Smuggling of Migrants in the broader Mediterranean region, a capacity building workshop for the Royal Gendarmerie and the Directorate General of National Security on combatting migrant smuggling in Morocco was held in the Kenitra-Rabat region. Importantly, of the 23 participants drawn from law enforcement, 19 were employed outside the Kenitra-Rabat area, including in border regions.

Offering their expertise were a debriefing and interviewing expert, a Deputy Director of Border Police in France, and a former law enforcement officer from Jordan, as well as local UNHCR staff.

The workshop began with an overview of the international and domestic legal framework to combat migrant smuggling. This set the context for the next three days, where topics included how to debrief, interview, and handle testimonies of smuggled migrants; investigation methods and techniques in migrant smuggling cases - as well as special investigation techniques such as use of informants, undercover agents, and surveillance; international cooperation; and how to assist and protect smuggled migrants.

A case study was used on the final day to encourage analysis and discussion of the topics covered in order to observe their possible practical applications.

The workshop received very positive feedback and UNODC will remain in close contact with the Moroccan Government and the Royal Institute of Police to plan further training activities under the GLO.ACT project (the Global Action to Prevent and Address Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants).

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