Our main civil society partners



UNODC partners with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in policy development and in the implementation of its global, regional and country level programmes and projects. The UNODC Civil Society Team interact with a large number of individual CSOs to ensure their active participation an involvement in the international scene and work mainly through umbrella organizations when organizing workshop and specific events targeting NGOs. Our three main civil society partners are: 

  • The Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs 
  • The UNCAC Coalition: a global civil society network that aim at promoting the United Nations Convention against Corruption
  • The Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

The aims of these umbrella organizations are to:

  • Support the mandate of UNODC and the work of its two commissions, on narcotic drugs and on crime prevention and criminal justice, by contributing and being involved
  • Represent the interests and opinions of their members in conferences and commission sessions organized by UNODC
  • Communicate crucial information on the main events that concern civil society organizations at the regional and local levels
  • Encourage and facilitate dialogue among civil society organizations and between such organizations and UNODC

In other words, these organizations serve as liaison offices between UNODC and regional and local civil society organizations. Their existence and value is well recognized by UNODC, which consults them for advice, for example with regard to technical assistance and strategies.



The Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC)

Created in 1983, the goal of the  Vienna NGO Committee is to ensure that NGOs and civil society organizations are able to contribute to global drug policymaking. The Committee is currently composed of members representing international, national and local NGOs and represents a key mechanism for NGOs to substantively contribute. It is always participating in the CND and related events. For more information, please contact  info@vngoc.org.



The UNCAC Coalition


The  UNCAC Coalition: a global Civil Society Network entered into force in 2005. It mobilises civil society action for the United Nations Convention Against Corruption at international, regional and national levels. Since 2011, UNODC  in partnership with Transparency International, serving as Secretariat of the UNCAC Coalition,  has conduced a series of joint activities including Workshops on UNCAC. For more information, please contact  info@uncaccoalition.org


The Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


The  Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (the Alliance) was established in 1972 and has about 50 members that work on a broad range of issues, from the treatment of prisoners, restorative justice, trafficking in persons and arms, violence against women to human rights law. For more information, please contact  prevention@cpcjalliance.org.