The Digest initiative was funded from voluntary contributions provided by the governments of Italy and Colombia, which also provided additional in-kind support.


The first meeting of experts was hosted by the Ministry of Interior of Italy at the Scuola Superiori di Polizia, with interpretations in English, French and Spanish, also kindly offered by the former.


On the occasion of the first meeting in Rome, UNODC's inter-regional advisor could mobilize additional regular budget funds to support the  participation of experts from some developing countries.


For the second meeting, the National Police of Colombia will provide free accommodations for all of the participants at the Recreation Centre of the Colombian Police Forces (Centro Vacacional de la Policía Nacional in Cartagena). The Spanish Government, through its Cooperation Agency, has provided the physical setting for the conference at the Training Centre - AECI (Centro de Formación Cartagena de la Cooperación Española).


The Russian Federation and Serbia provided Russian and Serbian interpretation for both meetings.


Also, several countries fully or partially covered the travel expenses for  their national expert(s), thus allowing UNODC to count on the expertise of a larger number of experts and countries.


Finally, both of the host country facilitated transportation costs and preferential fees for lunches and coffee breaks.