The UNODC Online Counter-Terrorism Learning Platform

Launched in February 2011, the UNODC Counter-Terrorism Learning Platform has developed into a fully integrated interactive tool, training criminal justice officials from around the world in the fight against terrorism and strengthening their cooperation in this area.

By January 2014, the UNODC Terrorism Prevention Branch in partnership with INTERPOL and national organizations, has held 15 online training courses, training 397 practitioners in 50 countries worldwide, including in the Sahel, West Africa and Indian Ocean regions. The courses, conducted entirely online, cover a wide range of issues, including the Universal Legal Regime and International Criminal Cooperation against Terrorism and provide participants with the opportunity to learn through a highly interactive methodology that includes: completing tailor-made activities; debating with lecturers during live sessions and submitting comments.

Moreover, the Platform is a gateway to the first worldwide virtual community of practitioners. By January 2014, the community had expanded to 1037 members representing more than 115 countries. The community allows practitioners to create and expand their network, share good practices, keep abreast of legal developments, and engage in "continuous learning". Of particular importance is the opportunity to take part in "live events", which allows practitioners to debate on various counter-terrorism issues and interact with counter-terrorism experts in real-time. To date, 62 live events have been carried out on topics ranging from Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights, International Cooperation in Criminal Matters against Terrorism to the Use of Internet for Terrorist Purposes, Financing of Terrorism, or the International Legal Framework against Nuclear Terrorism.

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