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The Trust Fund in Numbers

4.2 million US$ in contributions from a wide range of supporters, as of April 2018.
3,000 individuals directly supports around  every year through its NGO partners.
Up to 60 000 US$ grants disbursed to 23 NGOs totalling 1.25 million US$ for projects in 21 countries.
34 NGO projects funded in 30 countries during the first and second grant cycles.
3.6 million US$ committed to support grassroots non governmental  organisations.
Access to justice, legal advice and assistance, including legal representation for victims to obtain legal status, compensation and/or aid packages.


Life-changing interventions and legal successes: The Trust Fund achievements

UNVTF helps NGOs operationalise key activities and provides the means for victims to reclaim their dignity and be given a second chance at life. 

Through the work of its NGOs partners, the Trust Fund supports the implementation and delivery of activities and services that both enhance the psychological recovery and social reintegration of victims and empower survivors to reclaim their rights to justice and fair compensation, as part of the global fight against trafficking. This includes through the identification of victims, legal, prosecution assistance, coordination and information sharing across relevant actors.


Processus of identification of Victims:

•Enabling survivors to be formally recognised as victims through screening methodologies;

•Claiming remedies for victims including compensation and aid packages;

•NGO FOCUS runs a HumanTrafficking phone Helpline in Thailand where it receives reports of human trafficking and verifies facts as part of the identification phase.  

Legal and Prosecution Assistance:

•Providing victims with legal advice and information about their rights;

•Access to justice and witness protection for victims to achieve reparations and end impunity of traffickers;

•NGO Justicia Para Nuestras Hijas in Mexico successfully concluded a historic trial on behalf of four deceased families resulting in five traffickers each sentenced to 697 years in prison, and fined US$ 839,274 in damages.   

Coordination and Information-Sharing:  

•Concerted and collaborative action by NGO partners working to end trafficking;

•Enhancing formal national referral mechanisms to promote accountability and provide adequate training to officials;

•Indian NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan working with law enforcement authorities rescued 260 child victims of forced labour, recovered US$ 37,000 in owed-wages, and shut down 16 labour factories.    


''In this world there are people who want to help you. You should find courage, hope, and trust. I was very lucky to be in contact with this organisation which in my worst days was there to help me to move forward.'' Elda, Different and Equal 


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