UNODC announces the launch of the Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking

28 June 2010

Trafficking in persons is a complex phenomenon demanding a coordinated and multisectoral approach in order to achieve an effective response. Due to the complexity of the issue, it is often challenging for organizations and Governments to identify the technical assistance required by a country. The development and implementation of measures to strengthen a country's criminal justice response must thus be targeted and based on a proper assessment in order to ensure that a country's needs are met in a way that prioritizes measures that address the most urgent needs, ensures the best use of available resources and fosters synergies where possible while not duplicating work.

Against this backdrop, UNODC, in the framework of the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) has developed the Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking.

The main objective of the toolkit is to guide the assessors in gathering and analyzing information pertaining to a country's criminal justice response to human trafficking. More specifically, it aims to assist governments, the civil society, the international community and other relevant actors to conduct a comprehensive or specific assessment of selected aspects of a country's criminal justice response to trafficking in persons.  The toolkit contains a number of components that are crucial for curtailing the crime of trafficking in persons and provides sufficient flexibility to be used for assessments both in places where a solid infrastructure for combating trafficking in persons exists and in places with few or no such measures.

The Needs Assessment Toolkit was developed by a broad group of  experts including UNODC staff who have attained solid experience in conducting assessments of criminal justice systems in different regions of the world.

Download the Needs Assessment Toolkit: Arabic - Chinese- English- French- Russian- Spanish