Islamic Republic of Iran




 خلاصه تحقیق تأثیر همه گیری کووید-19 بر بازارهای مواد مخدر





Border Management and Illicit Trafficking


Crime, Corruption, and Criminal Justice


Drug Use Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and HIV Care




Technical Cooperation on Drugs and Crime in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Country Programme Brochure illustrates the structure and the main areas of work of the integrated country porgramme of technical cooperation on drugs and crime for the Islamic Republic of Iran 2011-2014. [Full Text-En]



South-South Cooperation

This four-page brochure illustrates the efforts of UNODC country office in the Islamic Republic of Iran in facilitating cooperation between the  Islamic Republic of Iran and other middle income as well as developing countries in the areas of drugs, crime and health. [Full Text-En]z