23/04/2013 - Why the exception should not be the rule

08/04/2013 - Treating drug dependence: from coercion to cohesion


01/02/2011 - Anti corruption - It is time to venture (in Portuguese)


09/12/2010 - The importance to build a culture of ethics ( in Portuguese or Spanish)

25/10/2010 - Drug policies: comprehensive action ( in Portuguese)

05/03/2010 - Campaign financing: we must give to receive? ( in Portuguese)


04/12/2009 - Combating corruption: your 'no' counts  ( in Portuguese or Spanish)

31/10/2009 - The myth of drug legalization ( in Portuguese)

27/08/2009 - Drug policies in Latin America ( in Portuguese)

20/08/2009 - Drug policies: focusing on the convergences ( in Portuguese or Spanish)



09/05/2013 - Remarks on the launch of the nation blue heart campaign in Brazil by the Ministry of Justice


14/05/2012 - Human Rights, Persons Deprived of Freedom and Security Management in the Uruguayan Prison System (in Spanish)

13/05/2012 - International Symposium on Fight against Human Trafficking ( in Poruguese)


09/12/2011 - International Anti-Corruption Day ( in Portuguese)

22/11/2011 - International Seminar on Combating Organized Crime, Drugs Trafficking, Arms Trafficking and Violent Crimes (in Portuguese)

14/11/2011 - I Workshop of the Schools for Reduction of Damages of the SUS ( in Portuguese)

07/11/2011 - II National Meeting of the Network for Fighting Human Trafficking, III Technical Meeting of the Centers for Fighting Human Trafficking and Advanced Posts (in Portuguese)

20/10/2011 - Signing of the National Integrated Programme: Strenghthening of Rule of LAw, Secutrity and Justice in Paraguay ( in Spanish)

04/10/2011 - 21st Meeting of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies for Latin America and Caribbean ( in Spanish)

21/09/2011 - Second Ibero American Summit of Public Prosecutors against Trafficking in Persons ( in Spanish)

22/08/2011 - Capacity-Building Treatnet Phase II in Manaus ( in Portuguese)

15/06/2011 - Launching of the E-Democracy Portal and Virtual Community against Drugs ( in Portuguese)

22/04/2011 - Intersectoral Round Table on Services of Attention to the Victims of Gender Violence ( in Spanish)

29/03/2011 - Launching of the results of the Letter of Agreement between UNODC and Federal University of Minas Gerais State ( in Portuguese)

23/03/2011 - Signing of partnership on the project "Fair Games Within and Outside Stadiums (in Portuguese)

23/03/2011 - Launching of the results of the Letter of Agreement between UNODC and Instituto Ethos (in Portuguese)


13/12/2010 - Seminar "Stregthening International Cooperation and pesecution to organized crime" (in Portuguese)

09/12/2010 - International Day against Corruption (in Portuguese)

27/10/2010 - International Semminar on Repression of Organized Crime Brazil - Bolivia (in Portuguese)

13/09/2010 - Launching of the updated version of the Technical Norm for Specialized Police Stations on Assistance to Women (in Portuguese)

01/09/2010 - Delivery of the Amazonia University Honoris Causa Title (in Portuguese)

31/08/2010 - Signing of partnership agreement with Caixa Seguros about the proyect "Youth of Expression (in Portuguese)

26/08/2010 - II Latin American Conference on Drugs Policies (in Portuguese)

22/06/2010 - Launching of publication "Awareness on the crime scene and evidence materials especially for not forsenic staff" (in Portuguese)

19/05/2010 - International Seminar on Repression of Organized Crime ( in Portuguese)

25/03/2010 - Regional Seminar on Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation ( in Portuguese)

09/02/2010 - Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Council of Justice ( in Portuguese)

01/02/2010 - Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Superior Court of Justice ( in Portuguese)


09/12/2009 - International Day against Corruption ( in Portuguese)

20/10/2009 - Seminar: Drugs, Harm Reduction and Legislation ( in Portuguese)