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February 2023

23/02/2023 2nd joint Serbia-North Macedonia simulation training course on smuggling of migrants 

17/02/2023 UNODC supports North Macedonia in the implementation of the Strategy for Financial Investigations and Confiscation of Assets

02/02/2023 Regional workshop on Behavioral Analysis and Lie Detection for law enforcement officers from South-Eastern Europe


January 2023

31/01/2023 Anti-trafficking stakeholders from South-Eastern Europe on a multidisciplinary thematic workshop

31/01/2023 Guidelines on investigation and prosecution of firearms offences meeting in Serbia

26/01/2023 UNODC initiated a set of 3 joint Serbia-North Macedonia simulation trainings on smuggling of migrants


December 2022

16/12/2022 Border Control Officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina supported by Container Control Programme 

14/12/2022 The Western Balkans reaffirm commitment to the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap

13/12/2022 UNODC jointly with OSCE launched a multi-year training programme in Pristina

09/12/2022 UNODC marks the International Anti-Corruption Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

08/12/2022 UNODC supports North Macedonia in countering the financing of terrorism and money laundering

07/12/2022 UNODC Illicit Arms Flows Questionnaire: baseline assessment in the Western Balkans

06/12/2022 Paris Pact Policy Consultative Group meets to review progress and endorse priority recommendations

03/12/2022 UNODC in Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar in Sarajevo

02/12/2022 Expert Group Meeting on Harmonization of domestic criminal legislation with the UN Firearms Protocol

02/12/2022 Air Cargo Control Unit in Skopje International Airport supported by UNODC

02/12/2022 Drug Precursors Training for Port Control Unit at Vrbnica/ Vermice

01/12/2022 Second regional meeting on firearms case law

01/12/2022 North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina officials on Financial Disruption courses


November 2022

30/11/2022 Western Balkans practitioners discuss future priorities under the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap in the run-up to the High-Level Anti-Corruption Conference in Skopje

25/11/2022 South-Eastern Europe supported in risk analysis and profiling at airports

25/11/2022 Promoting a victim-centered approach to trafficking in persons cases through multidisciplinary cooperation

25/11/2022 Implementation of a moot court learning-based model to improve anti-trafficking response in Montenegro

23/11/2022 Inter-disciplinary training on seizing, freezing and confiscating assets held in Bosnia and Herzegovina

17/11/2022 Western Balkan jurisdictions join the meeting of the Global Operational Network of Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Authorities to discuss anti-corruption efforts and international cooperation 

16/11/2022 UNODC and OSCE continue efforts toward gender-inclusive border security in South-Eastern Europe

10/11/2022 The role of prosecutors in the criminal justice response to counter firearms trafficking

09/11/2022 Asset recovery in the Western Balkans

08/11/2022 Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap – the way forward

04/11/2022 South-Eastern Europe officials trained on Advanced Money or Value Transfer System, Hawala and Other Similar Service Providers

02/11/2022 Strengthening victim-centred approaches in trafficking in persons cases through practical and theoretical knowledge


October 2022

26/10/2022 Upscaling drug use prevention efforts in South-Eastern Europe with the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence Programme

25/10/2022 Paris Pact Expert Working Group Meeting held to discuss Precursors

21/10/2022 Container Control Programme held a Risk Management workshop for Kosovo [1] customs officers

20/10/2022 Criminal justice practitioners in South-Eastern Europe address evidential issues and patterns in trafficking in persons cases

19/10/2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia supported in disrupting terrorist financing

14/10/2022 Albanian officials train on how to address trafficking in persons through a victim-centered approach

14/10/2022 Mentoring visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Container Control Programme

13/10/2022 Towards a joint approach in tackling corruption and illicit financial flows in South-Eastern Europe

11/10/2022 Collection of Electronic Evidence from Internet Service Providers - 2nd edition of UNODC's Practical Guide

06/10/2022 UNODC and Türkiye hold an Inter-Regional conference on Tackling Drug and Illicit Trafficking with K9

05/10/2022 Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomes the development of Asset Recovery Strategic Framework in FBiH


[1] All references to Kosovo should be understood in the context of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).


September 2022

30/09/2022 Border Police and Customs officials from South-Eastern Europe on a study visit to learn on Risk Analysis and Search Techniques

30/09/2022 Customs and police officers at Sarajevo Airport improve their professional skills through mentoring

29/09/2022 Supporting criminal justice systems for effective investigation and prosecution of trafficking in persons cases

29/09/2022 Unlocking the power of UNCAC at the Multi-stakeholder Workshop in Montenegro

28/09/2022 South-Eastern Europe enhances cooperation in border management through joint operations

23/09/2022 Port Control and Air Cargo Control Units complete the Strategic Trade and Export Control training

22/09/2022 Towards implementation of the Ohrid Roadmap: Strengthening regional cooperation through CARIN and UNODC GlobE

16/09/2022 Albanian officials improve their capacity on systems analysis of criminal networks

15/09/2022 Port Control Unit officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina train on drug precursors

14/09/2022 Enhancing asset recovery processes in the Western Balkans

08/09/2022 UNODC expands the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme to Slovenia 

02/09/2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina finalize its new Strategy for combating organized crime 


August 2022

31/08/2022 UNODC and APIK of Bosnia and Herzegovina discuss future steps in fighting corruption

30/08/2022 Action Plan on Asset Recovery signed in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

11/08/2022 Regional meeting on the development of Fast Action Response Guides (FARGs) on asset recovery


July 2022

08/07/2022 South-Eastern European jurisdictions collaborate to bolster regional Asset Recovery policy level efforts

08/07/2022 Successful completion of the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence training in Croatia


June 2022

30/06/2022 Progress on establishment of interagency groups in South-Eastern Europe

30/06/2022 Montenegro supported in fighting against modern slavery

24/06/2022 North Macedonia supported in countering illicit financial flows

24/06/2022 North Macedonia supported in identifying potential victims of trafficking in persons

24/06/2022 Strengthening Capacities in Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery

23/06/2022 Serbia marks the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with UNODC and other partners

22/06/2022 Mock trial training on human trafficking in Serbia

21/06/2022 Development of the Asset Recovery Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

20/06/2022 Roundtable on challenges in asset recovery

17/06/2022 Addressing human trafficking through a victim-centred approach in Albania

17/06/2022 Asset Recovery Roadmap implementation in Kosovo[1]

16/06/2022 UNODC Promotes the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism in Albania

15/06/2022 Meeting with the Secretariat of the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative

14/06/2022 3rd Expert Group Meeting on the Guidelines on Investigation and Prosecution of Firearms Offences

10/06/2022 Joint inter-agency unit at Belgrade Airport receives training on profiling and targeting

10/06/2022 Centralized Criminal Record System in Kosovo[1]

08/06/2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina's new Strategy for combating transnational organized crime 

07/06/2022 Towards innovative public-private partnership solutions in promoting anti-corruption and good governance in Southeast Europe

03/06/2022 UNODC and OSCE joint support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in counter-terrorism financing investigations

03/06/2022 Prevention and Fight against Corruption in International Investments projects

[1] (1) All references to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999)


May 2022

31/05/2022 Exploitation and Abuse: The Scale and Scope of Human Trafficking in South-Eastern Europe

30/05/2022 UNODC-OSCE Meeting on Addressing Illicit Financial Flows Linked to Afghan Opiates

27/05/2022 South-Eastern Europe supported in countering drug trafficking

26/05/2022 Regional meeting on Special Investigative Measures applicable to Firearms Offences in the Western Balkans 

24/05/2022 “Strengthening the Culture of Integrity” on tackling corruption in South-Eastern Europe

19/05/2022 Container Control Programme supported PCU Gradiška with a mentoring visit

18/05/2022 UNODC discusses synergies in providing anti-corruption technical assistance with international partners

17/05/2022 Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap in Serbia

13/05/2022 UNODC and OSCE joint support to North Macedonia in counter-terrorism financing investigations

13/05/2022 Financial Investigations and Confiscation of Assets in North Macedonia

13/05/2022 South-Eastern Europe tackles drug trafficking

12/05/2022 South-Eastern Europe addresses trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation

12/05/2022 Regional meeting on harmonization of firearms-related case law in South-Eastern Europe

12/05/2022 International cooperation to improve trade security supported in South-Eastern Europe

11/05/2022 Private sector plays an important role in combating corruption in South-Eastern Europe

10/05/2022 Implementing evidence-based family skills programmes in Serbia



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