UNODC supports Kyrgyz anti-drug agency in curbing drug trafficking and organized crime

Handover of equipment to State Service on Drug Control of Kyrgyzstan24 January 2012 - UNODC has boosted material, technical and logistical support for the State Drug Control Service of Kyrgyzstan (SSDC) as a first step towards strengthening the agency's capacity to counter trafficking in illicit drugs and precursors (the chemicals needed to manufacture drugs).

The Office has procured computers, specially equipped vehicles, counter-contraband team kits, GPS devices, first-aid kits and forensic manuals as part of a comprehensive package of assistance to the new agency. The support also includes training, legal and administrative assistance and the provision of physical infrastructure.

During a visit to Kyrgyzstan in 2011, Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of UNODC, threw his full support behind the Government in its efforts to respond to the growing threat of drug trafficking throughout Central Asia. "We are making good on our pledge to reinforce law enforcement capacity to curb the flow of illicit Afghan opium", he said, assuring the Government of Kyrgyzstan of the continuing commitment of UNODC.

The expansion of the Office's partnership with Kyrgyzstan takes into account the country's geographical proximity to Afghanistan and its key role in controlling the northbound transit of Afghan opiates to Europe and the Russian Federation.

Alexander Fedulov, Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Kyrgyzstan (left) with Vitaly Kerimovich Orazaliev, head of State Service on Drug Control of Kyrgyzstan"Supporting Kyrgyzstan will not only strengthen the capacity of the country but also enhance regional capacity. Neighbouring countries and other partners will have a stronger counterpart with which to counter drug trafficking, organized crime and the smuggling of precursors", said Mr. Alexander Fedulov, Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Kyrgyzstan. He expressed hope that the aid provided would help to turn SSDC into an effective and sustainable specialized law enforcement organization.

Mr. Vitaly Kerimovich Orazaliev, head of SSDC, said: "I am convinced that the technical equipment and training support provided by UNODC over the last year are remarkable steps towards increased efficiency and potential of the State Drug Control Service."

UNODC recently launched its regional programme for Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, which focuses on counter-narcotics. More effective counter-narcotics agencies in Central Asia will be essential to the success of the regional programme.

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