UNODC is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Christian Kroll, former Global Coordinator for HIV/AIDS

UNODC is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Christian Kroll, who was UNODC’s former Global Coordinator for HIV/AIDS since 2004 until his retirement in Dec 2012 [Read More]



UNODC Regional Training for law enforcement executives of the Republic of Belarus

22-24 May 2019 - Lahojsk, Belarus - UNODC in cooperation with UNAIDS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus organized a three-day training on the role of law enforcement in HIV prevention, treatment and care: police referral schemes: [Read More]


UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 28th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

27 May 2019 - Vienna, Austria –The 28th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice took place in Vienna from 20-24 May 2019. The UNODC HIV/AIDS Section co-organized several events to highlight the current  situation of and response to HIV among people in prisons:  [Read More]


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UNODC supports HIV health-care services in Namibia's prisons





UNODC at the 22nd International AIDS conference 23-27 July 2018 in Amsterdam


Expert Group Meeting on the Development of the Technical Guide to ensure access to measures for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in prisons

01/06/2018 UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 26th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)
23/03/2018 Prevention, treatment care and support for people who use stimulant drugs
23/03/2018 The urgent need for harm reduction funding: Scaling up evidence based interventions for people who use drugs
06/11/2017 UNODC HIV/AIDS Expert Group Meeting on the Draft Technical Guide to Ensure Continuity of HIV Services in Prisons
20/07/2017 UNODC supporting countries to address hepatitis C among people who inject drugs in the community and in prisons
30/05/2017 UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 26th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)
12/05/2017 Harm Reduction International Conference 2017—UNODC ‘At the Heart of the Response’
05/04/2017 UNODC together with INPUD  launch the manual on Implementing Comprehensive HIV and HCV Programmes with People Who Inject Drugs: Practical Guidance for Collaborative Interventions (the “IDUIT”)
04/04/2017 "Harm Reduction in the new Environment" Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region Harm Reduction Conference 2017
28/07/2016 Addressing Hepatitis B in Afghanistan Women Prisons
18/07/2016 A call for Action on HIV and Health in Prison Settings
02/06/2016 Law Enforcement Officials Trained on Engagement With People Who Use Drugs
25/05/2016 HIV in Prisons: Public Health and Human Rights Approach Covered at Crime Commission
11/05/2016 Namibia Launches Prisons Health Policy
09/05/2016 Vietnam Hosts Bangladesh OST Study Tour
05/05/2016  Penitentiary nr. 3 in Tiraspol renovated providing access to safe dental care services
18/04/2016 Critical role of science in the development of balanced, health-oriented drug policy covered at UNGASS 2016
25/03/2016 UNODC Trains Ukraine OST Service Providers
15/03/2016 Alternatives to imprisonment from a health perspective
14/03/2016 Second Scientific Statement Science addressing Drugs and HIV: State of the Art, launched
10/03/2016 Kazakhstan Ministry of Health and Social Development, UNODC, Award Five Journalists
16/12/2015 Biological waste management: Innovation in Moldovan prisons
01/12/2015 UNODC marks World AIDS Day
23/10/2015 Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs adopts HIV Action Plan
30/09/2015 Heads of drug control agencies attend Dakar UNODC regional dialogue
29/09/2015 Vietnam opens the first Methadone Maintenance Therapy Service Unit for Prisoners
25/09/2015      Global Goals Matter for People who Use Drugs and People in Prisons
08/09/2015 Countries Discuss HIV and Drug Policy in Delhi
24/11/2014 India: Law enforcement officials, health service providers and civil society organizations come together to pave the way for better HIV prevention and care
17/11/2014 Workshop on Enhancing Partnerships Between Law Enforcement and Civil Society Organisations in the context of Drug Use and HIV


Capacity building and Constituency Building for People Who Inject Drugs in Abuja, Nigeria


Global Consultation on HIV Prevention and Care in Prison Settings


Join UNODC in Melbourne - AIDS 2014


In-Depth Evaluation of the UNODC Global Programme on HIV/AIDS
01/07/2014 UNAIDS 34th Programme Coordinating Board, statement of Mr. Yury Fedotov, Executive Director, UNODC
01/07/2014 New voluntary testing and counselling center at Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison
26/06/2014 World drug report 2014: more needs to be done to tackle injecting drug use and HIV


Regional conference for Central and West Asia "From policy to practice: Responding comprehensively to drugs and HIV


A united voice: The Government of the Republic of Moldova, the United Nations and civil society organisations join forces to scale-up HIV services for women


Science addressing drugs and Health: State of the Art (See Statement)


01/03/2013 1 March is Zero Discrimination Day - Join the transformation
12/06/2013 International Harm Reduction Conference 2013 - Making the case for needle and syringe programmes in prisons
12/06/2013 Strategic investments are pivotal to curb HIV epidemics among people who inject drugs
15/04/2013 Moldova focused on getting results: Training of 50 on "Case Management Approach to Opioid Substitution Therapy"
12/02/2013 HIV high on the agenda at the fifty-sixth session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs


01/12/2012 World AIDS Day Commemorations: Vienna | Bangkok | Bangladesh
17/10/2012 Regional consultation in Kyiv discussed the role of police in HIV responses
11/10/2012 Kazakhstan increases access to opioid substitution treatment
03/10/2012 India: Empowering vulnerable women to take care of their right to health
26/09/2012 Sri Lanka: Promoting voluntary HIV counselling and testing in prisons
04/09/2012 India: Opioid Substitution Treatment gives "new life" to drug users - a visit to Drug Treatment Centres in Delhi
25/07/2012 The Afraye Sabz Association, received prestigious Red Ribbon Award for innovative response to AIDS
26/04/2012 30 million at risk for HIV in prisons and other closed settings: How to respond?
07/03/2012 Nepal: New UNODC study maps female drug use in country
27/02/2012 W4W: Women for Women Study Tour
17/02/2012 UNODC project to help Afghan drug users goes into action
17/02/2012 HAARP: Myanmar Achievements 2009
03/02/2012 Stimulant drugs use and HIV: there is still much to do
03/02/2012 India: Methadone Maintenance Treatment now available
15/01/2012 India: Psychosocial care for women in shelter homes - a dire need for trafficking survivors


01/12/2011 World AIDS Day 2011 Around the World
30/11/2011 Kazakhstan increases access to opioid substitution treatment
14/07/2011 Regional Seminar on Drugs and HIV/AIDS Responses
12/07/2011 Integrated drug dependence treatment and HIV prevention training
28/06/2011 First National Correctional System HIV Prevalence study in Indonesia Launched
01/06/2011 Reference Group calls on UN Member States to scale-up evidence-based interventions to address HIV among people who use drugs
21/03/2011 Strategies for "getting to zero" discussed as Commission on Narcotic Drugs opens
21/02/2011 Asia and the Pacific: UN Regional Task Force meeting on injecting drug use and HIV/AIDS held in India
16/02/2011 Kenya Government to provide HIV services for people who inject drug
21/01/2011 Harm Reduction Advocacy Programme with Parliamentarians in Indonesia concludes successfully


07/12/2010 North-East India: HIV and AIDS prevention in prisons takes a significant stride
01/12/2010 World AIDS Day 2010 commemorated across the world
25/11/2010 Bangladesh: Unveiling the hidden tale of women affected by the drug epidemic
15/11/2010 Lessons learned from implementing the HIV/AIDS comprehensive harm reduction package in Indonesia
17/03/2010 Scaling up HIV-related services for Afghan refugees who use drugs
05/03/2010 Commissioner of correctional services in Swaziland gets tested for HIV
13/02/2010 Launch of prison sports tournament


01/12/2009 World AIDS Day 2009 in Vienna
22/11/2009 HIV prevention, treatment and care among female drug users and women in prisons
21/11/2009 V. Latin American and Caribbean Forum on HIV/AIDS and STD's