In February 2021, UNODC launched its new Strategy for 2021-2025, which has three cross-cutting commitments that should be embedded into UNODC’s programming. One of these commitments is the empowerment of youth.

Youth empowerment is focused on involving young people in problemsolving and uplifting their voices indecision-making processes. In order to meaningfully engage youth, young people need to be involved in every step of the programme cycle. Initiatives should not only be implemented “for” youth, but also “with” youth to allow for co-creation in programme implementation.

UNODC seeks to strengthen its youth mainstreaming approach to accelerate youth empowerment processes throughout its work.


"Unleashing the energy and potential of the largest, most connected generation of youth in history represents our best hope for recovering better from the COVID-19 crisis and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals."

- Ms. Ghada Waly, Executive Director of UNODC


UNODC provides a variety of opportunities for young people including internships, UN Volunteer positions, consultancies and permanent positions. For more information, visit the UNODC Employment website or the UN Careers website.