The Geographic scope of the project reflects the overall Cocaine Route Programme strategy and interregional links along Cocaine Routes that implicate a selected number of countries in West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


West Africa

 ● Cabo-Verde
 ● Ghana
 ● Guinea-Bissau
 ● Associated Country: 
Latin America and Caribbean 

  ● Dominican Republic

  ● Panama
  ● Associated Countries:
     Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,
     Ecuador, Peru


The project will focus on offering the necessary conditions to reach concrete results in terms of South-South (inter-regional) cooperation, within the proposed time frame and available resources. The countries are selected based on:

1. Their situation facing serious and complex threats linked to organized crime activities and networks, as origin/producer or transit countries; 
2. Clearly identifiable local needs for further capacity building to strengthen national criminal justice responses to organized crime and international cooperation on inter-regional cases;
3. Lessons learned from previous initiatives addressing cooperation between national authorities in Latin America and West Africa; 
4. Opportunities for complementarity and coordination with other initiatives developed to counter organized crime, including initiatives funded by the EU, in particular as regards the other components of the Cocaine Route Programme (CRP) of which this project is part.