In response to requests by Member States for specialized capacity-building assistance, UNODC has developed in-depth expertise in a range of thematic areas essential for effective counterterrorism responses.

International Legal Framework

One of the international community’s strongest instruments to prevent terrorism is a coherent framework of legislation that as many countries as possible in the world adhere to...more

International Cooperation

Recruitment of fighters, procurement of weapons and explosives, communications between cells: most terrorism cases involve some cross... more


When countering terrorism, States are required to respect international human rights standards. Counter-terrorism measures that violate human...more

Evidence Management

Evidence is essential in any criminal justice case, including those for terrorist acts. Evidence can be oral (witness statements),physical (fingerprints or... more

Children Associated with Terrorism

In many parts of the world, children are among the most severely affected victims of terrorist attacks. Additionally thousands of... more

Victims of Terrorism

Most victims of terrorism are innocent citizens who find themselves at the wrong place and at the wrong time, randomly targeted in brutal attacks... more

CBRN Terrorism

The risk of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) weapons, or related materials, being used by non-State actors for terrorist or other criminal .... more

The Use of the Internet

The internet is no longer a new frontier. For many, digital actions and interactions have become a natural extension of everyday life.The..more

Terrorist Financing

Terrorist groups need money to sustain themselves and to carry out terrorist acts.Terrorist financing encompasses the means and methods used... more

Gender Responsiveness

Men and women are involved with and affected by terrorism differently. Women can actively and voluntarily support terrorist groups and are involved...more

XRIRB terrorism 

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase of incidents perpetrated by individuals and groups on the basis of ideologies rooted in xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance, or in the name of religion or belief ...more

Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) travel to conflict zones to engage in terrorist acts. The persuasive use of propaganda by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ways. In September ...more

Investigation Techniques

Special Investigation Techniques in terrorism and organized crime are a key element to allow criminal justice actors to intervene before crimes are committed ...more

Education for Justice (E4J)

UNODC’s Education for Justice (E4J) Initiative (E4J) aims to contribute to crime prevention. It promotes a culture of lawfulness through education activities...more

Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism

Violent extremism that leads to terrorism poses a serious threat to international peace and security. Transitioninginto violent ...more

Alternatives to Imprisonment

One of the main contributing factors behind overcrowding in prisons is the excessive use of both pre-trial detention and imprisonment in many countries.... more

Prosecution, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Strategies

Focusing only on prosecuting and imprisoning suspected terrorists may be insufficient to prevent people who have committed ... more

Links with Organized Crime

Terrorists can benefit from organized crime as a source of financing or logistical support through the illicit trafficking of arms, persons, drugs artefacts and ... more

Terrorism and Transport

Both air and maritime terrorism pose a serious threat to international peace and security. Terrorist groups have targeted planes, sea vessels... more

New Technologies and Innovation

There is enormous potential for Member States to use new technologies and innovation in their responses to prevent terrorism in effective and accountable ways. In... more