Mandate & Normative Framework

UNODC’s mission is to contribute to the achievement of security and justice for all by making the world safer from crime, drugs and terrorism. The Office has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of crime as well as the prevention and criminal justice response to terrorism, justice reform, creating institutional resilience and capacity building, all of which are prominent parts of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11, 16 and 17. UNODC also has strong experiences in promoting education for justice and peace, crime prevention among youth, combatting gender based violence and promoting gender equality, as well as health promotion and substance abuse prevention interventions that further support SDGs 3, 4 and 5.

The New Urban Agenda, adopted at the Habitat III conference in Quito, provides the roadmap for sustainable urbanization in the years to come, and, together with the Sustainable Development Goals, offers the framework in which the United Nations and Member States will operate to make societies more inclusive, safe, and secure. At the summit, UNODC pledged its commitment to building a global partnership to tackle the issues outlined above as well as assisting in the development of a framework to assist partners in implementing these issues at the local level.

Latest News

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Through a range of tools and services that are applicable to the urban level, UNODC’s projects and programs are well placed to contribute to the development of effective and humane responses to urban issues.

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