CRIMJUST - Criminal Network Disruption Global Programme - is implemented as part of the Border Management Branch (BMB), in partnership with the UNODC Corruption and Economic Crime Branch and the UNODC Research and Trend Analysis Branch. In line with the UNODC 2021-2025 Strategy, its implementation is carried out in close cooperation with UNODC regional offices.


CRIMJUST aims to optimize its impact by developing and nurturing partnerships. This multi-stakeholder approach enables CRIMJUST to avoid duplication and to draw upon partners' networks, resources and expertise to provide relevant technical support. 

Since 2016, INTERPOL has joined UNODC as implementing partner. INTERPOL seeks to prevent and fight crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation on police and security matters. Under the framework of CRIMJUST, INTERPOL focuses on strengthening national capacities of law enforcement officers to collect evidence for successful prosecutions of organized crime and drug trafficking cases, as well as to exchange data and conduct joint investigations on the inter-regional level.  

In addition, CRIMJUST looks to create synergies with existing initiatives aiming to counter illicit trafficking, and related organized crime. It systematically seeks out avenues for cooperation with specialized agencies and networks of practitioners, including:

  • West African Network of Central Authorities and Prosecutors against Organized Crime (WACAP)
  • Ibero-American Network of Anti-drug Prosecutors (RFAI)
  • The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol)
  • European Judicial Network (EJN)

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