Illicit trafficking and related organized crime threaten security and public health in affected communities as well as undermine governance and the rule of law. The transnational nature of illicit trafficking as well as the increasing multi-crime portfolio of organized crime groups have exacerbated legal, security and health challenges facing participating countries, calling for an equally horizontal approach to cooperation at a national, regional and inter-regional level.

CRIMJUST - Criminal Network Disruption Global Programme - aims to support countries located along supply chains of illicitly trafficked commodities, through a comprehensive integrated approach, to go beyond the seizure of illicit commodities to undertake prosecution and/or proceeds of crime action designed to disrupt the activities of the criminal network.


Should you identify any investigation or seizure requiring transnational post-seizure support and would like to benefit from CRIMJUST's support, please contact:



CRIMJUST aims to disrupt illicit trafficking by promoting and enhancing transregional law enforcement and judicial counter-narcotic strategies beyond interdiction activities.  More info


The geographic scope of the programme reflects the trends and market dynamics of the cocaine and synthetic drug trades. It is progressively expanding to reflect the trend towards increased illicit multi-commodity trafficking. More info


CRIMJUST work is guided by a broad range of international legally binding instruments and a set of United Nations standards and norms on crime prevention and criminal justice.  More info


We appreciate your interest in the project, please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have any questions or queries.  More info