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Gender & Corruption

         of Thematic Brief on Corruption

Men and women are affected by corruption in different ways and are subjects and objects of different corrupt practices and behaviours. Gender inequality allows corrupt networks to grow, which in turn entrenches gender inequalities. A gender perspective is a key component when developing effective programmes and projects to combat and prevent corruption and achieve sustainable development.  

The thematic brief on mainstreaming gender in corruption projects/programmes provides a step by step guidance on how to practically mainstream gender throughout programme documents.  

Access the thematic brief on mainstreaming gender in corruption projects/programmes  here. [English] [Spanish]


These resources provide practical guidance and are designed to support national governments, other UN entities or individuals working in civil society organizations. This will be updated regularly.

Reports & Research

  • UNODC Global Report on Corruption in Sport, including a section on Gender [English]
  • Thematic Brief on Gender and Corruption in Myanmar : Initial Insights from Focus Group Discussions [English]
  • Gender and Corruption in Nigeria [English]
  • Research on Gender & Corruption in Sport [LINK]
  • UNODC Publication: The Time is Now – Addressing the Gender Dimensions of Corruption [English]
  • Outcomes of the Expert Meeting on Gender and Corruption- Bangkok, Thailand, 19-20 September 2018 [English]
  • Strengthening Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Responses to Violence against Women [ English]