Banner of CCPCJ: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, the principle policymaking body of the United Nations in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice

Membership and Bureau

Member States of the CCPCJ

The Commission is composed of 40 Member States elected by the Economic and Social Council, with the following distribution of seats among the regional groups: 

(a) Twelve for African States;

(b) Nine for Asian States;

(c) Eight for Latin American and Caribbean States;

(d) Four for Eastern European States;

(e) Seven for Western European and other States.

The term of office for Commission Members is three years.

CCPCJ Bureau and Extended Bureau

In order to function effectively, the Commission needs to organize and prepare its work carefully and in advance. Such tasks are carried out by the Bureau and the Extended Bureau of the Commission, which play an active role in the preparation of the regular and the inter-sessional meetings with the assistance of the Secretariat.

The Bureau of the Commission is composed of the Chairperson, three Vice-Chairpersons and one Rapporteur. At the end of its reconvened session, the Commission elects its Bureau for the next session. The Extended Bureau also includes the Chairpersons of the five regional groups, the European Union and the Group of 77 and China.

Bureau of the CCPCJ at its 31st session


H.E. Mr. Takeshi HIKIHARA of Japan (Group of Asia-Pacific States)

1st Vice-Chair

H.E. Mr. Azzeddine FARHANE of Morocco (Group of African States)

2nd Vice-Chair

H.E. Ms. Emilia KRALEVA of Bulgaria (Group of Eastern European States)

3rd Vice-Chair

H.E. Ms. Laura FAXAS DE JORGENSEN of Dominican Republic (Group of Latin American and Caribbean States)


Mr. Antonino TEDESCO of Italy (Group of Western European and Other States)

Chair of the 31st session of the CCPCJ

H.E. Mr. HIKIHARA Takeshi was appointed as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna in September 2019.

He is a trained career diplomat with rich experience in multilateral diplomacy. In his current capacity he actively advocates for multilateralism, and most recently has contributed substantially to the success of the Kyoto Crime Congress (March 2021), hosted by Japan in close cooperation with UNODC. Notably, he chaired the multilateral informal consultations of the Kyoto Declaration and played a leading role in its adoption.

Before coming to Vienna, he served as Director-General of the Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Science Department, Assistant Vice-Minister in the Minister's Secretariat, Deputy Director General of the European Affairs Bureau and Secretary General for the 2010 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meetings in Japan.

A middle-aged man in formal suit with black hair.

He has also held various important positions abroad including Ambassador to the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Consul General of Japan in Boston, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Russia, and Councilor in the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Korea.

Ambassador HIKIHARA was born in 1959 in Nara, the capital of ancient Japan in the 8th century. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1982.

Ambassador HIKIHARA is married and has a daughter and a son.