A global response for wildlife and forest crime is necessary as illicit trafficking in wild fauna and flora is transnational, supplying consumption that often takes place thousands of kilometers from the source and, transits several countries.

The UNODC Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime (GP) is a four-year programme aiming to link existing regional efforts in a global system, enhancing capacity-building and wildlife law enforcement networks at regional and sub-regional levels. The GP is working for and with the wildlife law enforcement community to ensure that wildlife crime, illegal logging, and related crimes are treated as serious transnational organized crimes.

UNODC plays an increasingly important role through delivery of specific technical assistance activities designed to strengthen the capacity of Member States to prevent, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate crimes against protected species of wild flora and fauna. The Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime/Sustainable Livelihoods Unit (GP/SLU) is the focal point for this work which already embraces capacity building activities in South East Asia, South Asia, East Africa and Latin America and coordinates the implementation of the Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytic Toolkit.


The Global Programme (GP) will act as the overarching, umbrella programme for UNODC activities on WLFC. It will involve liaising closely with UNODC Country and Regional Offices to ensure appropriate support for the design and delivery of WLFC projects and activities... more


The initial focus of the GP will be on providing support to undertake comprehensive assessments of current actions to combat WLFC at a national level, using the WLFC Analytic Toolkit. These assessments will provide a platform for the identification and delivery of ... more


The support provided by UNODC under the GP will comprise a range of measures including legislative assistance, training and provision of essential equipment. Beneficiaries will include police, customs, border officials, forestry/wildlife officials ... more


The UNODC Sustainable Livelihoods Unit (SLU) -WLFC headquarters team will provide strategic advice and assistance to country and regional offices in the implementation of activities, as well as, in some circumstances, undertake the ... more