General Assembly


512th Plenary Meeting
14 December 1954

834(IX).United Nations Narcotics Laboratory


The General Assembly,

Noting Economic and Social Council resolution 548 D (XVIII) of 12 July 1954 on the subject of the establishment of a United Nations Narcotics Laboratory,

Having considered the Secretary-General's note5/ of 15 October 1954 which sets out the comparative cost of setting up such a laboratory at Headquarters and at Geneva,

Noting the statement by the Secretary-General in the above note that he "would regard it as important that the laboratory should be situated in the same place, and preferably in the same building, as the Division of Narcotic Drugs as a whole",

Taking into account that, under the Secretary-General's proposals for the reorganization of the Secretariat, the Division of Narcotic Drugs is to be transferred to Geneva,

Decides to establish a United Nations Narcotics Laboratory in Geneva.

512th plenary meeting,
14 December 1954

5/ See Official Records of the General Assembly, Ninth Session, Annexes, agenda item 12, document A/C.3/573.