SDG 5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls


UNODC will support Member States to reach the Targets under SDG 5 by: promoting access to justice for women and girls; supporting the development of legislation and policies that protect their rights and prevent as well as respond to violence against women and girls; developing institutional and professional capacities relevant to respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of women and girls; and creating the conditions for women and girls to be in a position to claim their rights and be active agents of change. Further, UNODC monitors violence against women by collecting data from Member States and by assisting them to conduct surveys on the topic. These can provide important evidence to address violence against and intentional killing of women.

UNODC also works to improve the protection of women and girls through its work in tackling trafficking in persons, of whom 70 per cent are women and girls. UNODC helps States to draft laws and create comprehensive national anti-trafficking strategies and to develop local capacity and expertise to implement these, including by providing practical tools to encourage cross-border cooperation in investigations and prosecutions.  UNODC also monitors the trafficking in women and girls by collecting data on the victims of this crime.

UNODC's global work on the prevention of drug use and the treatment of drug use disorders specifically addresses the unique needs of women and girls, within a framework of human rights through the publication of guidance documents, training of professionals and the implementation of gender-based services meeting the needs of children, adolescent girls and women.

The empowerment of women is also at the core of the Office's alternative development programmes.