Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) is the Australian national center for the analysis and dissemination of criminological data and information. It responds to the needs of the Australian government and the community with respect to policy issues related to criminal justice and prevention and control of crime, and it provides authoritative information on these subjects at the national level. Policy relevant research is undertaken at the AIC within four main program areas:

  • Crime monitoring, including violent, property and drug related crime. Major projects include drug use monitoring; national homicide, firearms and armed robbery monitoring; bushfire related arson; and analysis of national/international crime surveys;

  • Crime reduction and review, focusing on innovative approaches to local crime prevention, the criminal justice response to drug related crime, evaluation and capacity building;

  • Global, economic and electronic crime, analyzing the causes, prevention and control of fraud, cyber crime, hi-tech crime and the identification of emerging criminal threats and response strategies;

  • Justice and crime analysis, providing information on juvenile crime, community corrections and prisoners and violence against women. Major projects include the national deaths in custody monitoring program and drug use careers of offenders.

The AIC disseminates its research through conferences, roundtables, its website and its various publications.