College for Criminal Law Science (CCLS)

The College for Criminal Law Science (CCLS) of Beijing Normal University was established in 2005 to promote the further development of criminal law science in the People's Republc of China. CCLS aims to build a modern and leading national academic institution specialized in criminal law science and a key base to offer consultation services for criminal legislation and criminal justice. Accordingly, CCLS is engaged in institutional innovation by establishing the first, and at present, the only modern, independent, and comprehensive academic research body specialized in criminal law science and the base for training higher-level professionals in the People's Republic of China, establishing seven sub-institutes covering all branches of criminal law science, several special institutes enabling the integration of all branches, organizing a high-quality academic team, and seeking development in a scientific, innovative, and strategic way. 

Since the founding of CCLS, numerous academic papers and works have been published. The researchers of CCLS have also participated in multiple research projects domestically and abroad. The College has also sponsored various seminars and conferences on criminal justice topics, signed cooperation and exchange agreements with other academic institutions, and established contact with government legal departments and research institutions.