Basel Institute on Governanc e

In 2007 the Basel Institute on Governance joined the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network (PNI). The Basel Institute is an independent non-profit think tank dedicated to research, policy development, consulting and capacity development in the areas of corporate, public and global governance. Created in 2006, the International Center for Asset Recovery (ICAR) of the Basel Institute assists developing countries in building capacities and setting up necessary procedures and institutions to more effectively make use of international legal assistance in criminal matters for the purpose of recovering stolen assets. A primary goal of ICAR is to support countries in implementing the provisions of Chapter V on asset recovery of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). ICAR provides advice and assistance and may act as a facilitator, coach or legal representative in international asset recovery cases. The Centre conducts applied research on advanced techniques and developments on asset recovery matters by using various tools, such as surveys and case studies.

The Institute has begun collaborating with other PNI members, particularly with UNODC, with which it has a memorandum of understanding on asset recovery matters. 

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