Sixty-second session

Vienna, Austria, 14-22 March 2019

Draft proposals

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Strengthening international cooperation and comprehensive regulatory and institutional frameworks for the control of precursors used in the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances


Unedited, English only 

Supporting the International Narcotics Control Board in fulfilling its treaty-mandated role


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Promoting measures to prevent and treat viral hepatitis C attributed to drug use 


Enhancing detection and identification capacity of synthetic drugs for non-medical use by increasing international collaboration 


Promoting alternative development as a development-oriented drug control strategy 


Advancing effective and innovative approaches, through national, regional, and international action, to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the non-medical use of synthetic drugs, particularly synthetic opioids  


Enhancing the capacity of Member States to adequately estimate and assess the need for internationally controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes


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Promoting measures to prevent transmission of HIV attributable to drug use among women and for women who are exposed to risk factors associated with drug use, including by improving access to post-exposure prophylaxis 


Draft decision: Changes in the scope of control of substances: proposed scheduling recommendations by the World Health Organization on cannabis and cannabis-related substances


Draft ministerial declaration on strengthening our actions at the national, regional and international levels to accelerate the implementation of our joint commitments to address and counter the world drug problem